A Lack of Skilled Cloud Professionals Could Cost Loads of Money and Downtime

  • By Matthias Moore
  • 26 Oct, 2017
A recent survey discovers traditional IT decisions are significantly impacting company profits. The commonality was not adopting modern technologies and keeping old-school tech, such as their on-premise servers and outdated software. Most importantly, is that they are not leveraging the cloud. Not only were the companies not informed of the massive benefits that the cloud would bring to their organization, their in-house IT departments or the companies managing their infrastructure are found to resist the cloud and not teach the true benefits of how and why the cloud would benefit their company. Migrating to the cloud saves companies money, time and future IT headaches. Have you ever wondered why most IT "professionals" avoid mentioning a cloud solution or why they resist the idea of cloud adoption? Unfortunately, it's likely because once they remove your servers and complicated software, they will not be able continue collecting checks to come repair and maintain broken down systems, thus directly impacting their own bottom line. If you are told its because of security risks, you are being misinformed. The security features of the cloud far exceed those of standard in-house methods because it adds another layer of security, above and beyond your existing security. Don't be mislead or misinformed of the advantages of moving your business to the cloud.   

Additionally, the study had shown that 65 percent surveyed, believe  they could bring better technology to their business if they had the right cloud environment. Another 85 percent that have entered into the cloud, had claimed after migrating their business into the cloud they have recuperated the return on their investment ten fold. It's important to note, the right cloud infrastructure will land most companies in the savings arena from day one.

Almost 50 percent of IT decision makers claimed they found it difficult to find and hire knowledgeable professionals to manage their company's cloud platform. While 30% of businesses are already jumping into the cloud, that number is expected to increase by double that number in just the next few years. I would expect you will see more IT professionals following that trend in the coming years, but it is incredibly important that they are experienced and properly trained in current and upcoming cloud technologies. We have experience with several cloud companies offerings, but we stand behind Google's G-Suite series because it has proven to offer the most competitive and best comprehensive platform at a fraction of the price of its competitors. We have seen a decrease in costs by 70% and an increase in workflow and profits of nearly double that number. Many of our cloud clients have seen as much as 300% increase in production!

If you are unsure if the cloud is right for you,  just ask us. One of our cloud specialists would be happy to evaluate and educate you on how it can help accelerate your business above the competition while saving you money.

Prices start as low as $5 per month . No hidden fees, no extra software licenses needed and 1000's of free apps to help automate and run your business!

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