About Us

About Lingows?

Our Mission

To offer our clients a better way of growing their business through technology and innovative strategies. Creating system automations for Small Businesses to supercharge the way they do business.  

Lingows was founded in early 2011 after one of the owners and founder began noticing many IT companies avoiding newer and more cutting edge technologies because they came with the requirement to learn something new. Just one problem with that, technology is the quickest evolving and most aggressive industry in the world. This makes learning and studying new technologies an absolute must.

We are not one of those companies that hold their heads in the sand in hopes things keep close to the same. We were founded on the principle of never going down the road of stagnation, and not letting our clients go down that road either. The technology in business today would often be considered to be the backbone of a business and its daily operations. We introduce new cutting edge technologies to aide in the growth and it does not have to be expensive or complicated.
We focus on making IT easy for our clients

Our approach reduces our clients current IT expenditures while greatly increasing their company's productivity.
Reduce the costs of extra employees by creating automation with new technologies.
When planning for ways to expand your business, Lingows can offer professional guidance and support.
Don't lay waste to better options of expansion. 

Rely on us to deliver unmatched levels of technology and design that furthers your company’s growth with ease. 

Learn about the unique approach we take to ensure our clients success. Dominate the competition,
while saving time and money. 

With Lingows managed monthly IT services,  you can concentrate on your paramount projects knowing you are in great hands.


Stop paying ridiculous money just to have an IT company tell you how much more you have to pay to repair the problem you already knew you had. We will come out and diagnose your problem for FREE. (No trip charge, No pressure to proceed in repair, and No unnecessary up-charges) 

We have a great reputation within the IT field and are known to be honest, experienced and to have a no nonsense approach. When you call and schedule an appointment, we will show up for FREE and leave you with a straightforward and affordable option to resolve any issues you may have. 

When you choose Lingows as your IT professional, you can rest your hat on us and feel confident in knowing you're being treated with delicate and knowledgeable hands.

Lingows has been helping clients in many technical landscapes for years.

Our Clients come from a multitude of professional backgrounds, from financial industry experts, to medical professionals, retail professionals and many other business owners throughout the world. 

Our experience, reliability and technical expertise will give you a sense of digital relief. 

"We are an IT company that always has your best interest in mind. We know that if we are fully committed to our clients, our clients will stay committed to us, and we continue to succeed together."  

You should be able to trust your IT company, the same you would trust a partner. As you grow, we will grow with you and scale to your specifications. You can Trust Lingows.

Lingows technicians have a minimum of 10 years IT related experience. Our lead technicians have a minimum of 20 years in the field.

You will always be able to rely on Lingows to resolve your issues on demand. We can show up same day and in many cases the same hour.

With Lingows, your company and its employees will gain a multitude of professional experience and training. 

Whether you are just getting your company started, but worried about hefty initial startup IT costs or an established company with a proven track record yet still dealing with the constant struggle of costly IT services. With Lingows we will deliver guaranteed relief of these familiar struggles

When you choose Lingows as your trusted IT professional your long road of technical frustrations, over-payments and lost time searching for a better company can end. We have been involved in nearly every technical landscape for years and have the knowledge, expertise and worthiness to be your trusted partner for life with all things tech. 

At Lingows it is important that our clients stay up and running all the time.

Our protection is also yours. In the event that your systems fail or breakdown and the cause was by one of our technicians, your company's lost revenues and equipment are 100% protected for any major damage.
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