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Allowing your employees to install software on company devices, opens the organization up to unnecessary exposure.

Conflicting file versions or DLLs which can prevent programs from running, the introduction of malware from infected installation software, unlicensed software which could be discovered in an audit, and programs which can be used to hack your organization’s network, are just some examples of the problems that can be produced when employees install software on company equipment.  

Most software is not difficult to install and configure but it should be done by someone who is qualified and knows the ins and outs of the software.

Don't spend countless hours on the phone with the software company's technical support line, only to be told that you need to call your IT administrator to resolve "your internal network issue, conflicting software or bad settings".

There is no software installations that we cannot handle for you. Call us and get a quote on your installation today!

Software that is difficult to use - Most people have first-hand experienced with the frustration of using software that is cumbersome, difficult to navigate, and requires too many steps to perform simple tasks. Getting the hang of this proprietary software can have its advantage and its disadvantages. What about software incorrectly retrieving data from files, tables or hosts. This could include retrieving the wrong data from the right source or the right type of data from the wrong data source. 

The Challenge

The average business class computer has 30 or more programs installed and over half of them are running silently in the background. Those running processes depend on many parts of the operating system (Windows, MAC, Chrome) to command the software on how to properly navigate and operate in your specific environment. 

What We Do

We come in and make sure all OS updates are up to date and also check all the software for missing updates or newer versions.
In the world of software and technology the newer it is the better it runs, and better running machines and software mean more money and time to concentrate on big projects

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